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BPC provides a cost-effective, high-quality extrusion capability to the compounded materials market.

Our Coperion ZSK70 twin screw extruder with a 52:1 L/D and the brand new *ENTEK 73 mm with a 48:1 L/D are both equipped with multiple gravimetric feeders that can reliably and accurately feed powders, concentrates, regrinds, reprocessed, or pelletized materials to produce a wide range of finished product properties.  


We can run a variety of feedstocks, including Polyethylene, Polypropylene, TPO’s, TPE’s, additives (AO, slip, AB, clarifiers, etc.), and mineral fillers. We also handle biopolymers, reactive compounds, in addition to a range of engineering polymers. Our PLC controlled extruders have excellent heat control and our compounding capability is enhanced by a variety of mixing screws as well as side-feeder(s) which allow us to consistently run complex formulations.  We have a variety of pelletizing dies and utilize underwater pelletizing producing the highest pellet quality.

BPC provides toll-blending services with its custom blending silos

BPC can blend materials from railcars, silos, boxes, or directly from our compounding line, we have a 120,000 pound silo specifically designed and dedicated to blending. We utilize K-Tron SFM technology and certified weigh scales to ensure accuracy in blends. We have the ability to dust coat difficult to convey materials and can utilize these materials in the blends as well.

We have developed specialized, repeatable techniques over the years which enables us to provide consistent and clean blended products.

At the BPC site in Meredosia, IL we have a variety of packaging options

Storage of a total of 30 Railcars on site.
Up to 10 railcars can be placed on a side track which allows our personnel to easily access them for off-loading individual compartments for use in blending, compounding, packaging or shipping via bulk truck.
We have 5 storage silos (~180,000 pounds each) and one silo specifically designed and dedicated to blending, BPC can produce blended lots of up to 120,000 pounds. 

We ship via box-van or bulk truck utilizing our own trucks or with independent carriers.
Our normal shipping/receiving hours are Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm.  However, special arrangements can be made to load/unload on a 24/7 basis to meet our customer's requirements.

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